Kinzie (Saints Row 3)

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Kinzie from SR3 -- ported from XNALARA by request.

-No flexes, but she does have facial bones
-Some jigglebones

I ported this from XNALARA

Made by request

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Thanks for following up on this request/idea, Penguinchao! It is greatly appreciated!
Reply • Aug. 18, 2015, 9:56 p.m. -  ComradeXSnarky
I really want somebody to put the Saints Row Ashly and Anthony Burch models into SFM. The amount of porn that would be made of that stupid bitch and that pathetic cuck and the the butthurt that would generate would be hilarious.
Reply • Aug. 18, 2015, 6:38 a.m. -  fallthatkills
YES! FINALLY! THANK YOU! Now we just need her nude.
Reply • Aug. 18, 2015, 3:55 a.m. -  Mitchel256
Reply • Aug. 18, 2015, 12:40 p.m. -  EaselPixelKun
Johny Gat pls...
Reply • Aug. 18, 2015, 5:02 p.m. -  StainWolf
Thats not Kinzie. Thats Kinzie's body with Shaundie's head :(((.
Reply • Aug. 23, 2015, 6:50 a.m. -  Likkez
how do we put this in the SFM? there is no instructions?
Reply • March 22, 2016, 8:23 a.m. -  tigpoppa

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