Catherine (with basic IK rig)

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Catherine (with basic IK rig)
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Catherine (with basic IK rig)


Imported model from XNALara/XPS.

Add a scale control to the root transform to make the model smaller/bigger before applying the rig.

*UPDATED RIG* I have made a basic rig for this model, which I think can work with other (but not all) models that were imported from XNALara/XPS.

*UPDATE: I have made some modifications to the rig script for this model, previous script will not work for this particular model, so I suggest using this new script which also works with my older ports. *#*

For facial controls and other after you put on the IK rig just click the show hidden controls. You can lock the "head eyeball left" to the rot of "head eyeball right", so by rotating the left eyeball, the right eyeball will follow. I have no idea how to make them a control group.

Thanks for trying out my model.


Additional rant: This model was a bit of a pain in the bum to port because of my 'noobiness'. You may find additional bugs that I am not aware of. Also, it is filled with unused bones which do in fact have a function. I will not rename them unless I get numerous requests to do so, which I probably won't. I will not be making additional models until I have figured out how to create flex bones.

Features to be added: Flex bones.

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