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Here's another Tales from the Borderlands model pack... this time it's Fiona.

(If you're looking for Future Fiona, I recommend Cyristal-Artist's Overhauled Future Fiona.)

Like my Sasha model, I ported these Fiona models from later game episodes, to take advantage of the extra outfits and hat/hair options that became available for Fiona in those later episodes. In fact, I ended up with so many options, I quickly exceeded the 32-material limit on her base model. So, I decided to create a second model with all of her "injury" textures (such as her bandaged hand, the punch mark Brick leaves on her cheek, etc). Note: her base model does have some blood and gore... it's just not HER blood (for instance, the blood splatter on her cheek from when August shot Tommy).

In addition to all the blood and guts you could hope for, the Fiona base model also comes with her alternate Steampunk Princess and Phlaming Phoenix outfits (the ones you could buy in the Quick Change machine), and a body group for her hat/hair, which allows you to choose between her default hat style, no hat, or Scooter's hat.

The Injured Fiona model comes with the same body group options for hat/hair. As for the skins, whenever possible, I included each of her different outfits with the face/hand injuries (not possible for the stomach wound, as that one is only on the default outfit). I've even included a couple combinations of injuries.

The Hyperion Fiona model has a clean and dirty variant, and some variants with the head/hand injuries.

The Hanging Fiona model comes with her default outfit (minus the hat, of course), plus the two variants available in the Quick Change.

All of these models feature high-resolution textures, dynamic outlines, and improved game-like eyes with scalable pupils. There are no face flexes (the dynamic outline does not play well with face flexes), but there are face bones to pose instead.

As with my Sasha model, I did decide to use LowRider's naming conventions for the bones, so these models will work with LowRider's Borderlands rig script.

If you use any of these models, send me a link to the finished project; I'd love to see it!

Do not repost/upload these models elsewhere... certainly do not claim it as your own work. Please ask before porting to a different format.


Fiona and Tales from the Borderlands belong to Telltale Games and Gearbox Software.

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I think there's something wrong with the download?? Mine seems to be missing the nude skin??
Reply • Jan. 7, 2017, 11:43 p.m. -  sfmllama
Thanks for the awesome model pack! A couple more and new series ought to be started.
Reply • Jan. 9, 2017, 6:35 p.m. -  Karamat
Download works fine. ^_^ Just tested it myself. I'm assuming your comment was a joke... but just in case someone sees your comment and thinks there is something wrong with the download, or thinks there is supposed to be a nude skin (there isn't, sorry)... I felt I should reply.
Reply • Jan. 8, 2017, 2:13 a.m. -  mcemily
Sorry, I won't be creating NSFW versions of these models. Too much work! At this time I don't have any plans to port TWD models. As far as I know, the tool needed to extract Telltale models hasn't been updated to work with the newer file formats... and I don't own those games, so I don't have access to the files, either. I'm sure if/when that tool is updated, others will start porting those new TWD models.
Reply • Jan. 16, 2017, 3:52 a.m. -  mcemily

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