IK-Rigger v1.2 for Any Model

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This script is used to help with creating the ik rig.py files for models. took about two weeks to get it to work right

This script is more advanced than my previous rig script because this script gives you full parenting control of the rigging and lets you add as many bones as you want. Please take your time when using this script, especially when parenting the rig bones.


1. How do i access it?

its located in the drop down menu in rigs.

2. How do i use it?

  1. first select the number of limb bones

  2. then name the rig handle for the bones and pick the bones. the limb ik only works with three bones upperbone--elbow/knee--hand/foot

  3. then select the number of spine bones if your model has them then pick the bone names in order from bottom to top, spine_1=bip_spine_0

  4. for other bones i.e pelvis,fingers, collar etc. the order in which you add the bones matters.

  5. parent any rig handle you made in either spine,limb or other to any other rig handle you made.

  6. then click create script and your done. but dont close the window first test out the created script on your model to make sure it works right and if not un-rig and try different settings and repeat.

3. How do i use offset?

first default your model. then select your models root and look at the transform gimbal you should see 3 colored arrows; red =' x', blue = 'z' and green ='y'. where each arrow is pointing is its positive direction. based on which direction your models knee/elbows are facing adjust the value in the window so its in front of it

4. Any thing I should know before I use it?

yes a few things

  1. This script can also help create lag-less fingers. creating the finger bones parenting them to each other and parenting the base fingers to the hand

  2. by default you dont have to parent the spine bones together thats done automatically. but you still need to parent the base spine bone to something like a pelvis or Rig-Root

  3. the load rig file is a way to open rig files you created with this script and edit the settings.

  4. when parenting a already made rig , you dont have to enter a name just pick the rig name near the bottom of the list and its name is entered for you

  5. each rig bone name must be unique

1.when customizing the rig group set each parent needs to be named uniquely. 1.The rig group set can support up to three level parents i.e

-parent A



---parent B



-------parent C



feel free to modify the script for your own use if you find any bugs or have suggestions message me in the comments below.


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