Hunter of Avalar [Legend of Spyro DotD]

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 Large preview image for Hunter of Avalar [Legend of Spyro DotD]

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 Large preview image for Hunter of Avalar [Legend of Spyro DotD]

 Large preview image for Hunter of Avalar [Legend of Spyro DotD]


"Young dragon, all our hope now lies with you. When you wake up, it will be a different world... But know this, you are not alone. You have allies."
-The Chronicler

Finally, Hunter of Avalar from Spyro Dawn of the Dragon. Took me quite a while.
Still in beta, havn't got so many shapekeys yet, but I hope it'll do.

Please report any issues with the model(s), it will help me a lot to improve stuff :)

Includes Hunters bow and arrows as well. Bow string includes a shapekey for pulling the bow.
The skeleton, except tail, ears and cape are valve biped so valve's rig script works for this model

Textures are ps2 quality as I don't know how to get textures from the ps3, soz. I included a normal map, tell me if it looks bad.

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