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Tales from the Borderlands: Loaderbot (Model + Props Pack)

 Large preview image for Tales from the Borderlands: Loaderbot (Model + Props Pack)

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 Large preview image for Tales from the Borderlands: Loaderbot (Model + Props Pack)


"I will name my first-born... 'Loaderbot'." --Rhys

First things first... All of the models/props in this pack feature high-resolution textures and dynamic outlines.

Well, this Loaderbot model port turned into quite a large project. So large, in fact, that it exceeded the SFM 32-material limit. Twice. In the end, I had to break it up into three different Loaderbot models to get around that material limit. I divided the models like so:

  • Loaderbot: 14 skins (all of which are variants of the Hyperion yellow).
  • Loaderbot-blue-orange: 2 skins (blue and orange, not surprisingly).
  • Loaderbot-stripes-tux: 2 skins (the tiger stripes and tux variants).

All three Loaderbot models also have the same body groups: a body group for the eye (on, off and evil), and a body group for damage (to allow you to determine how many bits and pieces your poor Loaderbot is missing). 12 different damage options, ranging from undamaged to missing all his limbs. Includes not only the canon damage seen in the game, but also some additional combinations.

In addition to three Loaderbots, this model pack also includes several Loaderbot-related props, including a left arm, left and right legs (the arm and legs are rigged to match Loaderbot's armature, so you can easily lock the prop limbs to the Loaderbot model if you wish). Also included are the BUL-loader shield, shoulder-mounted missile launcher (missile model also included), and minigun. The minigun has a body group to toggle what type of barrel it has (machine gun or grenade launcher). There is NOT a grenade included in this pack (it's coming soon in a separate grendae props pack). Of course, no Loaderbot pack would be complete without the control override antenna, and the Hyperion Universal Remote!

Loaderbot has attachment bones for the antenna, missile launcher, BUL shield and minigun.

Speaking of bones... I chose to deviate from LowRider's bone names for Loaderbot, because I felt LB would make better use of STRλFE's Borderlands 2 Loader rig available in the Steam Workshop here. Telltale's Loaderbot model is slightly more complex than the Borderlands 2 loader model STRλFE ported (which did not have any finger bones), but STRλFE's script should still work.

If you use these models, send me a link to the finished project; I'd love to see it!

Do not repost/upload this model elsewhere... certainly do not claim it as your own work. Please ask before porting to a different format.


Loaderbot and Tales from the Borderlands belong to Telltale Games and Gearbox Software.

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61 2017-06-11 172.36 MB
🇳🇱 EU Download
🇨🇦 NA Download
55 2020-03-11 542.56 KB
🇳🇱 EU Download
🇨🇦 NA Download
43 2020-03-11 261.92 KB
Thumbnail image for Tales from the Borderlands: Loaderbot (Model + Props Pack)


Just a note, that for me the EU download seems to get a interrupt during the download which during the unzip causes a error only unpacking the materials folder. The US SF link worked fine.
Reply • June 17, 2017, 5:38 a.m. -  pbowde02

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