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As with the Nualia release, it's close enough to 2018 that I'm just calling it now.

The debut of the second character within my *Fallen Throne* universe, Caldreth is Nualia's daughter, and is diametrically opposite her father† both politically and personality-wise.

Read the lore at the bottom of the page for more details on that. Up here, we're sticking to technical stuff! Like features!

Caldreth is the flagship for the DazV4.1 spec. The V4.1 spec is nearly identical to the standard V4 spec, with one minor exception: the genitals are rigged differently.

This was done out of necessity for Caldreth, due to the fact that I rescued her body from an earlier build of DazV2, and in doing so, her genital rigging fucked up and her crotch exploded in an Eldritch abomination when her legs were spread.

But, while fixing the genitals rigging, I found a functionally and aesthetically superior way to rig the genitals and build the correctors. Caldreth, then, uniquely has the best-deforming genitals amongst all my models. The DazV4.1 upgrade will not be applied retroactively, because it requires both all crotch-area outfits to be rerigged and it requires a reconstruction of corrector flexes. It would ruin compatibility with DazV4 outfits, and that's just too much effort for me to deal with, for such a minor update.

Expect uniquely new bodies to be built on the DazV4.1 framework, however.

Beyond that, as with Nualia 2018, she has two skins: her canon chocolate skin with custom makeup, and her legacy blueberry skin without makeup.

The rest is all bog-standard stuff for my models:

  • Full face-/eye-/finger-/toe-posing
  • Full phoneme and automatic lip-sync support
  • Fully jiggleboned breasts, ass, and hair (though her hair is a bit finicky, due to its length)
  • Genital flexes
  • Corrector flexes
  • Twists for fixing extreme poses

Righto, lore stuff! As with Nualia, you don't need to pay any of this stuff attention. Do whatever you want with her. So long as people are enjoying working with her, that's all that is important to me.

Caldreth is the only recognized daughter of Nualia, conceived in the now-Queen's youth with her first true lover. Not long after Caldreth's birth, however, Nualia was Divined to be the Queen of the Empire. This drove a spike between Nualia and Caldreth's mother, who had strong anti-government sentiments. Finding herself together with the personal embodiment of the government she opposed proved too much, and their relationship collapsed in an explosive display of screaming and shouting.

Caldreth ultimately was raised by her mother, between the woman's own insistence and Nualia's time being occupied with the duties of the office. After their split, Caldreth's mother became more and more radicalized, and her reeling political views were ingrained into her daughter.

In early adulthold, Caldreth fell into company with the anarcho-terrorist group Sisters of Miual, a fringe faction that believes in disassembling the theocratic monarchy of Vael'Aser and destroying the governmental structure as a whole.

Now, Caldreth is in a significant position of power amongst the group, being a highly influential mouthpiece, recruiter, and activist for the group's anarchist ideology. This is a point that Nualia's critics constantly use against her, and Caldreth indulges in endless schadenfreude at the headache she causes her father†.

Sexually, Caldreth is decidedly aggressive. Where Nualia uses sex as a tool, Caldreth uses sex as a weapon: if she isn't having promiscuous sex with "undesirables" to metaphorically spit in her father's face, then she is having sex as a non-violent alternative to a knife's blade. Those who make the poor decision of declining Caldreth's demands after fucking her are considered lucky if they don't survive the night - her reputation precedes her in regards to the viciousness of her maimings.

Similarly, Caldreth makes a very clear distinction between "being fucked" and "fucking." She does not lay on her back, on wait on all fours, for her partner to do all the work. If she's having sex, then she is in control: that isn't negotiable. When she chooses her partner, that partner will likely find themselves tossed onto the nearest horizontal surface, before she promptly climbs on top of and begins riding them, often times without any more clothing removal than required to get to the only appendage she cares about in that moment.

In terms of kinks, Caldreth embodies the "no rules" philosophy she preaches, and is down for more or less anything a partner can think of. The rougher and more intense, the better. As far as partners go, she isn't picky, and she goes well beyond the "undesirable savage" races like orcs and goblins, eagerly laying with monsters, creatures, and even beasts - anything that has the ability to mount her and the willpower to work for it is welcome to her hole.

That singular is imperative, however, as Caldreth does have one rule she adheres to: anal only. She suffers from tokophobia, an irrational fear of becoming pregnant, and so has strong reservations toward vaginal sex. She loves deepthroating, but nothing gets her off faster than having a cock slammed balls-deep in her butt. So be warned, any man finds themselves in a situation where Caldreth is offering her pussy to them: it is most definitely a trap, and you most likely will never get to so much as see that Elven honeypot.

†Caldreth is born from the Dark Elf spell "Unity", which allows two women to reproduce. The woman who physically gives birth is the mother, and the other partner is the father. In Caldreth's case, Nualia is the parent who did not give birth. Ergo, Nualia is Caldreth's father.

Coincidentally, it is this Unity-derived conception that is responsible for Caldreth's eyes being ice blue, rather than the bright amber of her father or the cool emerald of her (as of yet unseen) mother.

Ice-blue eyes are unnatural to Dark Elves, but is a tell-tale trait of an Elf born from Unity. The children of two Elves are inherently devoid of any magical aptitude, meaning it is impossible for them to use even the simplest of magics. A side-effect of this trait is that the eyes are always ice-blue.

There is no systemic discrimination against Elves born of Unity - indeed, the possession of a Unity Ring is considered a status symbol, and so having parents who were able to afford such an item is a boasting point more than a point of shame. There are, of course, individual cases of such discrimination, but the practice is widely frowned upon amongst Vael'Asean culture.


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