Jotaro Kujo & Dio Brando [Jump Force]

Jotaro Kujo & Dio Brando [Jump Force]
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Jotaro Kujo & Dio Brando [Jump Force]
Jotaro Kujo & Dio Brando [Jump Force]


Creator of the port's: Author Name: Cooper

Well, this is the first time, that I do the previews of this Upload, I even made the thumbnail of this upload instead of taking a thumbnail of the others, but let's go to what matters:

The Models do not have "ViewTarget" as usual, but as I do not know how to do these things of decompile and lots of things, I decided to do it in the strangest way we can say, well if you want to see this video the link will be down for yours landlords, in my guess this technique can be used for all models that have this problem in SFM:

Another thing, the stands are included in this pack, and inside winrar, there is a gift for everyone who downloads, which would be an Avatar that you can use on discord or any social network, the avatars it contains are from Jotaro Kujo [Anime] and Dio Brando, but let's talk about the models soon.

Jotaro Kujo:

It has 4 Skins and they are all based on some part of the anime or other things I will quote all of them:

  • Jotaro Manga
  • Jotaro Anime
  • Jotaro OVA
  • Jotaro Part 4
  • Jotaro Part 6

Dio Brando:

It has 5 skins, but the others are not so important, but it has a skin that may interest you or not:

  • Dio Manga Or Anime
  • Dio OVA
  • It contains the steamroller and its famous knives.


  • Same skins from Jotaro, OVA, Part 4, Part 6, and anime.

The World:

  • Same skins by Dio Brando, the skin of The World by OVA and the world all white.

If you want to make Dio Brando look the same as OVA, or if you want to make Jotaro's cover with bones, press "Bake Procedual Bones".

I hope you liked it, and have fun with the models ;)

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