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Frigging Finally, after 7 months... it's done.

Here comes to SFM Papi the Harpy... or was it Parpy the Puppy? Pahi? Par Piipa Papi Hapi... Papi Parpi Pipi...

I bought this model of Papi from 3ds-max-girls in december. This is the first time that i buy a model and i'm beyond disappointed. The model had a lot of issues, not only because clipping, but also because a poorly done rig that was broken in several spots and the only possible fix was literally to start over. Since i lack skills to do that i needed help to do it. At this point, almost 50-60% of the model is "mine" after all these fixes xD (also, HUGE THANKS to Lootz and Nodu for helping me fixing this model. It wouldn't have been possible without them, THANKS! ><), so i hope that i don't get a DCMA for sharing this model here. The creator doesn't provide support to other platforms like SFM and such, and after seeing the poorly done job, i hope that he doesn't even dare to complain about it.... at least "my" version is not broken, and i don't get paid for doing this ¬¬

Aaaaaanyway, moving on. We have a new monstergirl for SFM and that's something good, even if the model is kinda mediocre for my usual crappy "standard" :/

Here you have all the features:


  • Includes several flexes to change her expression, open the vagina/anus and some adjustments both on her breasts size and the clothes (to avoid clipping with said breasts).
  • Includes several bodygroups to remove her clothes. "undershirt" is supposed to be used with "shirt2" (or not wink :p)
  • Finger bones (both "hands" AND feet. The feet ones are in the "unknown" group)
  • Toe bones
  • Unlike other ports made by me, this model has flexes to move her eyes (up, down, left and right). This time there are no eye bones.
  • Supports Ambient Occlusion
  • Body and face allow $phongboost and $phongexponent attributes to make them look "wet".
  • Hair, ahoge and breasts jigglebones.
  • Includes a rig called "rig papi", so you don't need to create one.


  • I can't stress this enough: the model was bad and it was fixed the best i could, expect some "weird" things sometimes xD. Moving the legs in certain positions may "collapse" the waist, so you'll probably need to adjust the position of her feet.
  • The pants have a terrible job at weight paint (not made by me, i would make it workse xD). If you force too much the movement on her pelvis the pants will collapse into themselves and start clipping with her panties/butt. Definitely is better to use her without pants :p
  • The model lacks bones to handle the feathers on her elbow, so it might be tricky to avoid clipping with certain poses, or even with the feathers in her hands. I wasn't able to create proper bones to fix that. Sorry ><
  • While it's true that the model has flexes to open her vagina and anus, it's not very noticeable because the opening is kinda small. "It barely opens", so pretty much you'll have some clipping there.
  • Certain poses of her spine could make it clip with her shirts. I tried my best to avoid this by scaling up the clothes, but certain positions may still produce some clipping. Keep this in mind.

Hope you like it! ^^/ (personally i'm in a love-hate relationship with this model right now. I love the character, but this model... Christ...)


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Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
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