Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

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This is a model by ThatSFMNoob originally released on his Patreon in June of 2020. Noob has given me permission to distribute his old models and models where his one month Patreon Early Access has expired to SFMLab. He has also given permission to LieutenantFlapJack to distribute these models to the official Source Filmmaker NSFW subreddit that he moderates, r/SourcePornmaker.


  1. Nude
  2. Jiggle Breasts, Butt and Hair
  3. Finger and Toe Posing
  4. Face posing via face flexes
  5. Genital gape flexes
  6. Genital adjustment flexes
  7. Advanced Mouth Rig System
  8. Pregnant Flex
  9. "No Nipples" flex.
  10. Jiggle Roots
  11. Joint Helpers
  12. Finger and toenail Materials
  13. Has Outfit Loader Support (Hair, Clothing, Bracelets)

#Outfit Loader items

*These items are separate models. This means this model comes with 3 separated models.*

  1. Hair – Self-explanatory, however, it also contains her hair Ribbon (not a Bodygroup since somehow it’s very important for her to keep that on at all times.)

  2. Outfit – Contains the Dress, Jacket, Necklace and Boots.

  3. BraceletsThe “madman” actually did it and decided to make the bracelets a standalone bodygroups. Believe me, it’s better that way, it’s super easier to pose and even more easier to find. -Quote from Noob.

  4. Full – All of the above.

#Known Issues --Clipping--

If any clipping persists, Bake Procedural Bones and use the helper bones as well.

-- Poseable dress --

Even though this is a feature, it's under the *Known Issues* section because she has a huge amount of dress bones. *Have fun posing them*.

-- Jiggly Jacket --

Her jacket is jiggly because Noob had to parent some jacket bones to her right pectoral bone, *otherwise the clipping would be unbearable*. Keep an eye on that, and if stuff happens, be sure to Bake Procedurals on the Jacket too.

--Model Scaling--

Because the model is built on the TF2 scale, it is taller than usual. To get her to approximate canon proportions, bake the Procedural Bones, right click the rootTransform bone, and click "Add Scale to Transforms". Double click the slider that appears and type in "0.0872258". This gets her to 163cm (about 5'4.17323").

Now you guys can join the hype train too and fill her up with white materia :D -Noob

Works with rig_biped_simple.



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