JJBA: Enemy Stand Pack

JJBA: Enemy Stand Pack
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JJBA: Enemy Stand Pack
JJBA: Enemy Stand Pack
JJBA: Enemy Stand Pack



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[OBS: This pack can only contain items from the stands such as the kakyoin noroak stand, and if you ask about the MARIAH model, I will not post it for the simple reason of not having flexes on the face so I'm sorry.]

Hello, welcome my dear JOJOFAGS, I came here to give you a pack of models [which there are a lot of models], particles, textures from the anime JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE. The pack contains a lot of things, it is no coincidence that it takes a few minutes to export all of them, but enough talk and we will quote all the stands inside that pack.

Enemy Stands Included:

  • Death 13

  • GEB

  • Tower Of Grey

  • Osiris

  • Yellow Temperance

  • SUN

  • Anubis

  • Bastet

  • Empress

  • Sethan

  • Dark Blue Moon

  • Lovers

  • Tohth

  • Wheel Of Fortune

  • Justice

  • Oingo Brothers Stands

  • Hierophant Green Items [What]

  • Judgement

  • High Prientess

Well, I think I mentioned all the stands included in this pack, this pack contains other things besides the D13 map type models or the items on the kakyoin noroak stand. I hope you enjoyed this pack, have a good day or a good night.

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