Fallout 4 - Power Armor

Fallout 4 - Power Armor


All types of power armor from Fallout 4, painted and unpainted models


  • 2K textures for every armor part.
  • Anatomically correct helmets with semi-transparent visors.
  • Five separate models of unpainted armor - t45, t51, t60, x01, custom (all parts on one frame).
  • Five separate models of painted armor - t45, t51, t60, x01, custom (all parts on one frame).
  • Simple tan painthob without any texts or decals on it, easy to recolor and edit.
  • Valve3 skeleton + additional armor bones (like pauldrons).
  • Fusion core, BoS undersuit and hood as optional bodygroups.


  • Bethesda Softworks - These dudes may ruin entire fallout franchise, but they still own it.
  • Ninja Noob - initially ported power armor assets from Fallout 4.
  • Daejones - reshaped PA helmets to make them actually fit a human head.
  • MadTod - retextured PA armor sets (paintless models).
  • Me - recompiled stuff of all upper dudes into this modelpack.


  • v1 - initial release, all 4 generations of power armor in 5 models, all unpainted.
  • v2 - fixed helmet errors (inner transparency for t45/60, holes and glitches in x01), included x01 helmet with lighted visor, unclided painted versions of power armor as separate models, fixed rigging bug (2-boned finger on right hand now is 3-boned, as it should be).
  • v3 - now includes separate models with vanilla textures for all power armor models.



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