Fallout 4 - Power Armor


Power armor from Fallout 4 with custom textures and tweaks.


  • Two non-faction models of power armor - metalic and painted.
  • Two faction models of power armor - BoS and Enclave.
  • Separate models for exosceleton frames and different armor parts.
  • Valve3 skeleton + additional bones for armor, such as pauldrons.
  • Separtate archives for Source 1 and Source 2 engines.
  • Anatomically correct helmets with semi-transparent visors.
  • Fusion core, undersuit and hood included as optional bodygroups.
  • Power armor can be opened like it did in Fallout 4.


  • Bethesda Softworks - owners of the fallout franchise.
  • Ninja Noob - initially ported power armor from Fallout 4 to Source. I continued tweaking his assets with his permission.
  • Daejones - reshaped PA helmets to make them actually fit a human head, I slightly enhanced their mod for my use.
  • MadTod - made metalic texture for PA armor, which I used for "metalic" skingroup.
  • Slzmshr - made tan paint for PA armor, which I used as "painted" skingroup, and edited to make most of the other skingrops in this pack.
  • Dpillari - made exosceleton frame retexture, used in this modelpack for "new_frame" skingroup.
  • Me, ArthurStaves - improved and recompiled assets of all people mentioned before into this model pack.


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  • 1 - To make power armor openable, first toggle "frame_opened" bodygroup in the model. Then rotate bones from "unknown" section, such as thigh_armor, bicep_armor, calf_armor and others to open different parts of power armor. Select butt_armor, then back_armor to open entire back side of armor torso. Use calf_armor_1 to open lower legs.

  • 2 - Collar of T-51 chestplate included into model as a separate bodygroup, since it is impossible to make it move correctly during opening of power armor frame. It is not a bug that your T-51 misses its collar, just toggle it in "Torso_Collar" bodygroup to make it visible.

  • 3 - Some parts of power armor models are sligthly different from original bethesda's desing (T-51 crotch for all armors after T-45, no tube on T-60 back, etc) I made these changes to make power armor look less unprotected and more logical, so it is not a bug, but a feature.

  • 4 - For BoS skingroup, I used color patterns of Western (F1-2) Brotherhood, and I do not intend to make another skingroup for Eastern (F3-4) BoS. Feel free to try it yourself.

  • 5 - Special note for people used older versions of my modelpack: power armor now separated into many models (and don't have separation to extra parts, such as feets, forearms, etc) because source can't handle too many skingroups and bodygroups in one model. I tried, believe me.

  • 6 - I do not intend to add any other verisons of power armor into this pack, such as X-02 or X-03, as well as adding other skingroups. But feel free to use and edit these assets as you see fit. Download F4_Power_Armor_raw to get all smd and qc files without recompiling.


  • F4_Power_Armor_6iu2zhp - models for posing in SFM.

  • F4_Power_Armor_raw - smd and qc files for editing.


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