Fallout 3/4 - Weapons

Fallout 3/4 - Weapons


Various guns, pistols and other melee and ranged weapons from Fallout 3 and Fallout 4


  • Fallout 4 weapons - mostly melee, some energy and heavy weapons, skins, bodygroups.
  • Fallout 3 weapons - all kind of weapons, bodygroups.


  • Bethesda Softworks - These dudes may ruin entire fallout franchise, but they still own it.
  • Mosi - ported melee weapons from Fallout 4
  • Halokiller38 - ported weapons from Fallout 3
  • NinjaNoob - ported ranged weapons from Fallout 4
  • Me - recompiled all previous stuff into this pack.


  • v1 - initial release, different weapons from fallout 3 and 4, direct porting, no improving or modification was made to assets of previous porters/creators.
  • v2 - updated releases, F4 weapons now include some ranged weapons (energy rifles, heavy guns), F3 weapons now include bodygrouped models.

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  F3_weapons_v2.rar  4452020-09-26 06:56:54192.85 MB
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  F4_weapons_v2.rar  5532020-09-26 10:52:38397.5 MB
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