Kara - AX400 (Detroit: Become human)

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Character: Kara (AX400) Universe: Detroit: Become human Version: v1.4 (last update 08/03/2022!) Credits:



  • kara_nude_ax400.mdl - Kara nude body + AX400 default outfit only (turned on by default)
  • kara_nude_v1.mdl - Kara nude body + underware set only (2 pts) (turned on by default)
  • kara_outfit.mdl - all out fit sets only without body (default one - AX400)

I've separated them for resource use optimization and material restrictions.


dbh_led_animated.mdl - standalone model of animated led with 5 skin colors.



  • improved hair material (new version on last screenshot attached)
  • added stereo mode for some flexes


  • added apron bones (on outfit model)
  • fingers skinning correction
  • body & outfit skinning corrections


  • added lost butt bones (sorry for that)
  • some reskinning anf outfit transform correction


  • changed texture of ax400 pants - it's must be white.
  • black pants moved to standalone bodygroup
  • fixed hairs inversion (bang must be on left side from Kara)
  • ax400 vest' & apron original specular material added
  • some wrinkles now have stronger effect


  • nude body (sligthly modifed one from datalx' model)
  • replaced head from original model (more clear geometry) + some corrections to make eyes position more symmetric
  • extra body skins (including android nude-body skin, fully hand-made by me =) It's little rougth, but...)
  • wrinkle maps for flexes: MouthOpen, ShowTeeth, ChinUp, LipSideBite, LipsTight, LipsUpDown, LowerLidsUpDown, RBrowUpDown, LBrowUpDown, BrowsFrown, LSquint, RSquint, SmileSideR, SmileSideL, MouthMoveRight, BrowsInnerUpDown, Smile1, Smile2, MouthCornersDown;
  • animated head-led material
  • led as separate model (*.mdl) with different color skins
  • little bit more detailed textures (lip normals, specular, textures fixes, color & tone corrections)
  • body & face flexes + few outfit flexes
  • 4 pubes as bodygroup (different textures included - you can change them througth *.vmt by yourself)
  • 4 outfit sets from game: default(ax400), casual, Kara's underware (from 2013 trailer), club android underware (from game).
  • rig script included


  • use 'sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt' from this model to groupd flexes and helpful bones.
  • for more realistic eyes posing use eye + lids bones together.
  • use separate led to be able to switch skin color or to turn any model into an android.
  • for hairs correction use hair bones.


  • had to remove all face bones (there was A LOT of them - it will be insane to work with it in SFM) and some useless bones. Bones for eyes/jaw/tongue/hairs added by me.
  • can have little skinning, normals and textures issues.

  • This model is completely FREE and can't be sold or bought!
  • This model can't be distributed without this text file and it's other initial content!
  • Anyone is free to use this model or it's components as he wants (including reuploading it or modify it, but only for free).
  • Author and other authors can't be responsible for how and what this model is used for.
  • All characters are fictional and 18+ years of age, regardless of their perceived apperarance.


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  DBH_Kara_AX400_v1.4_SFM_SfmCraft_2022_NSFW_hair_upd__stereo.zip   1856 2022-03-08 13:54:15 102.97 MB
File contents:
  DBH_Kara_AX400_v1.3_SFM_SfmCraft_2020_NSFW_butt__apron_bones_added.zip   3972 2020-09-20 13:23:24 102.69 MB
File contents:
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