Colorable Spartans - Halo 3

Colorable Spartans - Halo 3
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Colorable Spartans - Halo 3
Colorable Spartans - Halo 3
Colorable Spartans - Halo 3
Colorable Spartans - Halo 3


Material color names?? anything named "Primary" "Secondary" "Lights" and "Visor"

All eleven armor sets have 2 colorable materials, a colorable visor and lights, similar to how Soulburnin handled the Reach spartans all armor sets except MarkVI don't come with a body, they can be placed on to the MarkVI base body with each armor piece having its own bodygroup to hide meaning less models to scroll through.


  • Valve biped bones
  • Accurate scaling
  • PBR
  • Both parts of each armor, visor and lights are colorable
  • Each armor piece can be hidden with bodygroups

Do not port this model to other games without permission, if you want to port this to GMOD, L4D2, etc, message me first and i'll be happy to oblige.


Copyright/Intellectual Properties - 343 industries, Bungie, and Microsoft for Halo 3's assets

Promo images - Mars-5200 Siomo and myself

Ripping, porting, materials, etc by me.

Feel free to drop by the /r/SFM discord server if you want to download my future work early.


My colors are all pitch black what's going on? Turn the lighting on.

How do I color the materials?

My model is still black when lighting is enabled why? You need to put a light on it, which you should do regardless with any poster/animation.

How do I find the models? Simply type "h3" and you'll see the spartans and weapons on the list.

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