Mary Jane "MJ" Watson (Spider-Man PS4)

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This is a model by ThatSFMNoob originally released on his Patreon in September of 2019. Noob has given me permission to distribute his old models and models when his one month Patreon Early Access has expired to SFMLab. He has also given permission to LieutenantFlapJack to distribute these models to the official Source Filmmaker NSFW subreddit that he moderates, r/SourcePornmaker.


  1. Nude
  2. Jiggle Breasts, Butt and Hair
  3. Finger and Toe Posing
  4. Face posing via face flexes
  5. Genital flexes
  6. Pregnant Flex¹
  7. "No Nipples" flex.
  8. Jiggle Roots
  9. Joint Helpers
  10. Finger and toenail Materials

Outfit Loader items

*These items are separated models. This means this model comes with 5 separated models.*

  1. *Hair - This model contains the hair.*

  2. *Top - This model contains the shirt and the earrings*

  3. *Bottom - This model contains the jeans and the boots.*

  4. *Leather Jacket - This model contains the Leather jacket. It's poseable.*

  5. *Utility Jacket - This model containts the Utility Jacket (the green under jacket). It's poseable. It's also incomplete, so pose with the Leather Jacket active.*

Known Issues

-- Extreme limb bodygrouping --

The following is a quote from the original Patreon post.

Jesus christ, this model... her head alone, with eyebrows, eyelashes, and inner mouth, have a total of 21k vertices. The head alone causes model clamping. The full figure body, makes it +40k vertices. There's a point where flexes start to get funky, or straight up don't work, or even worse, crash SFM.

I had to release that to the lowest possibility, which is why I took the decision to bodygroup the limbs the way I did. The good thing, is that by doing that, a ton of the clipping was effectively removed, so hey!

-- Many Outfit Loader items --

If the above wasn't just enough of an issue, the model also had a horribly high number of bones. I had to reduce them and fix the rig as much as I could just for the face. If I wanted to keep the poseability of the jacket,s then I would have to separate them as well, otherwise the model won't compile.

--Pregnant Flex issues¹--

Because the legs are bodygrouped off by default, the Pregnant flex does not make her thighs thicker. Please do not use this flex.

--Hair Transparency Issues--

If there are any problems with her hair model, where you can see her scalp when attached, go into materials\models\ModelC\Characters\Spiderman\MaryJane\aHair.vmt and change $alphatest 1 to $alphatest 0.

--Model Scaling--

Because the model is built on the TF2 scale, it is taller than usual. To get her to approximate canon proportions, bake the Procedural Bones, right click the rootTransform bone, and click "Add Scale to Transforms". Double click the slider that appears and type in "0.0886787". This gets her to about 5'8".

Works with rig_biped_simple.


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