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Character: Ellie (adult)

Universe: The Last Of Us II

Version: 1.2


original model: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Developed by Naughty Dog.

xps port: https://www.deviantart.com/kanbara914/

outfit deviantart artists: Crazy31139, LuXn, Kanbara914, dddkhakha1, some models from other authors.

sfm port, improvements, skinning, flexes, texture modifications: by me (SfmCraft, 2020)

So i've finally finished this. It's took a lot of time due to a lot of problems and issues that must be solved. Also i tried to polish it as good as possible. And still... it has things i don't like. But most of them depends on original body and i wanted to leave it as close to origin as possible. Also due to origin mesh hi-res it's hard to find appropriate extra outfit stuff. I've added some polygons to some stuff, but can't do nothing with lower res. textures (well, maybe i could spent time and found some hi-res or make smth by myself, but it'll took way more time, so - hell no)). Well maybe i'll do it later... Original model has something like 400+ bones. Source Filmmaker supports 128 max, btw. So i've deleted almost all of them to make it possible to use it in SFM. About outfit flexes... i've thinking about it hard, and decided not to add much outfit flexes. Only TLOU2 outfit sets will have any flexes for now. Other outfit - not. Maybe i will add them in further updates.

UPDATE v1.2: (TLOU2_Ellie18_UPDATE v1.2.zip) Includes all initial content + FIX 1.1 (rig script, etc.)

New added: Santa Barbara in-game outfit (with 2 skins) (ellie18_outfit_santabarbara.mdl), face blush as skin

Fixed/corrected: wrinkle maps fixes (+clean normals) & small improvements (more close to in-game), hairs color corrections, hairs skinning fixes


  • Ellie18_nude_v1.mdl - nude body (with skins) + default hair + pubes + underware
  • Ellie18_outfit_all_underwear.mdl - outfit sets of underware (original and extra)
  • Ellie18_outfit_default.mdl - Seattle + festival + patrol
  • ellie18_outfit_santabarbara.mdl - Santa-Barbara outfit (2 skins)
  • Ellie18_outfit_extra.mdl - extra outfit sets (mostly underwear for now)
  • rig_tlou2_ellie18_nude.py - rig script
  • cfg\sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt - source's config file for comfortable flex grouping. Must replace the existing one. Use it, if you want, but you will loose other models flexes grouping.


+ original nude body mesh with modified textures
+ added genitals & nipples
+ simplified bones set and fully reskinned body
+ new bones (breasts, ass, toes, wrist roll, ears, nose, etc.)
+ fixed bone orientation for better posing (fingers, eyes, etc.)
+ custom made pubic hairs (shown by default)
+ custom made armpit hairs (hidden by default)
+ custom made stockings/pantyhose models (1 model with 2 skins, color can be changed with $color param)
+ some helper bones for some outfit (hood)
+ a lot of flexes (90+ pcs.) (face, genitals, body, some outfit...)
+ face wrinkle maps
+ body wrinkle maps (belly)
+ skins (default, clean, injured, bikini tan 1, bikini tan 2)
+ 3 haircuts: two buns, ponytail

Outfit sets:

original: "seatle", "patrol", "festival", "underware"(dina/ellie), "santa barbara" red shirt(from young version) (i've decided not to include backpack, cause it needs complex skinning, so may be i'll finish it later)

extra: lingeries, swimsuits, underwear sets


  • 1.combine flexes (espesially face') to get needed expressions.
  • 2.use hand/leg roll bones for better posing.
  • 3.change outfit color by adding "$color" param to overriden materials.
  • 4.for festival outfit set use patrol' pants. It also has 2 skins.

In further updates:

  • more outfit
  • backpack
  • fixes, if any


++ hairs may have some rought texturing and mesh clipping. Can't defeat at till the end. Need to think what to do with it later.

++ dew to Source Filmmaker's restriction on skinning quality, skinning may be little rougth in some places. SFM supports only max 3(!) bones (weights) per 1 vertex of model! For example, default "bones per vertex" value in 3ds Max in 20! It's pretty hard to make model skinning look good, more or less, operation with 3 bones only per some "zone". And it's impossible to add more bones for corrections, etc. So i've added extra bones only where i can do so within 3-bone-limit. And that's because some parts may be not very accurately skinned.

++ another SFM restriction - ~60000 vertices for one model. For example character models from TLOU 2 have approx. 50-60k vertices each. Only body! Also there are outfit, hairs, and other stuff. So that's because i make not one big package, but few smaller ones. I didn't want to reduce level of details, for the body at least.

++ As i know, Source Filmmaker 2 (from HL Alyx SDK) have no such restrictions. So i hope in near future Valve will release SFM 2 to free public access, so we all can do stuff there.


  • This model is completely FREE and can't be sold or bought!
  • This model can't be distributed without this text block, this text file and it's other initial content!
  • Anyone is free to use this model or it's components as he wants (including reuploading it or modify it, but only for free).
  • Author and other authors can't be responsible for how and what this model is used for.
  • This model was made just in demo and research purposes.
  • All characters are fictional and 18+ years of age, regardless of their perceived apperarance.

Short FAQ:

  • Q: where is the rig script? A: inside package. Read content section once.
  • Q: will you add <outfit_placeholder>? A: Don't know.
  • Q: when will be next update? A: When it's done. Can't say more.
  • Q: skinning is bad in some places. A: Yes. Without adding 100500 bones, physics simulation and months of work of professional 3d-artists & animators skinning can't be done perfect. And SFM sucks in that, BTW.
  • Q: Will you make <model_placeholder>? A: Don't know.
  • Q: Why didn't you used some other nude body? A: Because it's not canon.


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  Initial version. Better use the one above!   1515 2020-12-03 11:42:02 130.49 MB
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  rig_ellie18_nude_v1_A.py   1543 2020-12-05 18:44:49 34.35 KB
  TLOU2_Ellie18_textures_FIX_v1.1.zip   1146 2020-12-05 20:38:46 27.95 MB
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