(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack

(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack
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(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack
(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack
(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack
(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack
(SFM Star Wars) Carbonite Pack


In this pack includes:

-Simple Carbonite Chamber with Platform (Separate Models)

-Carbonite Blocks and Carbonite Chamber Claw (Big and Small, Separate Models as Well)

-Session Included (Unanimated, But still can make animations.)


For the session that is included in the pack you need this map:


I DO NOT own the textures used in this model pack.

Nor the Star Wars IP, owned by Disney.

The Models are made by me, but the textures aren't, except for their normal maps.

The Metal Textures: https://www.deviantart.com/llexandro/gallery/54632558/sci-fi-textures

Carbonite Texture used from the MMD (Miku Miku Dance) Carbonite Model.

Oh! And please send me links to your artwork with the models!


A .zip version is added, with a few fixtures.

And the .rar file was removed.

For contact please send a note here at https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sfmcarbonfreezer/

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