(Xaxidoro) Schoolgirl Astolfo

(Xaxidoro) Schoolgirl Astolfo
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(Xaxidoro) Schoolgirl Astolfo
(Xaxidoro) Schoolgirl Astolfo
(Xaxidoro) Schoolgirl Astolfo


I didn't make this, this is originally from Garry's Mod. Ported through Gmad to sfm. The original mod: Schoolgirl Astolfo (P.M.).

Its here to save the time for people who don't want to buy G-mod.

The model bug

the model will spawn like it was stretch out. To fix it slide the *default slider* all the way. Or use sequence: *ragdole*

The makers

rigging: Xaxidoro

Textures: Siluva

Thumbnail Art: Siluva


Bip simple

Finger posing

Body grups

Shirt, socks, shoes and skirt.


Face, tung, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and lips


Look under hidden control to see the sliders in unknown

The skirt

you cant move it! (sort of move the hip bone)

You want balls?

If you want to live your trap fantasy slap some nuts on there I don't know what to tell you He comes with no nuts so I'll leave some pp mods…. So take your pick.


Another Cock

a fresh cock

Gnin's Multicock + Extended Skin Support

Gnin's Multi cock v2 (upgraded)

Noodledicks [1/?] - Twink Stick

Generic Peen (my personal favorite... I can explain)


please dont ask me how to put a cock on a model lol


By the way Siluva has great art work check it out: Siluva art work

Steam workshop Astolfo [Fate/Grand Order]

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Basics: Materials & Rendering
A guide demonstrating different render engines, shader and texture setups, and useful tips for working with videogame models.