Rwby: Team RWBY Volume 7 pack

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New trilogy new look!

I've been holding off from doing the new outfits since I didn't have Ruby's new hair cut. Thanks to a friend of mine I got one done by jacquadi.

Once I got that I used the Smite models and edited the outfits to make complete clothes.

For Ruby she has stockings and boots bodygroups.

For Weiss I used the smite dress to make the other dress she wears. One without the corset and just the white dress. It also has her old hair model and a new long hair model. I'm planing to add that to the pj version later.

For Yang she got complete overalls and bodygroup pants to shorts.

All that is left is Blake!

Special thanks to Nyahs smut, uknowncoolguy, [NWhooves][3] and [Clipping][4] for testing and helping with the textures and doing preview pics!

Credit to Prom, J&J, spirit-x-ninja NiShiGara for the base.

Ruby's hair is by jacquadi

Yang and hair and ponytail by SpecialCrazyWolf.

Weiss's long hair was made by combingin her old hair model and [XelandisD][5] Momo hair model

I got a Patreon if you want to send some support, see wips or vote on which model I'll do next.

Have fun~

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