(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack

(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
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(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack
(Brewster T. Koopa) Luigi's Mansion Model Pack



I didn't make this, or asked permission. This is from Gmod workshop to SFM ported through G-mad.


Brewster T. Koopa


Brewster T. Koopa


No rig




Professor Elvin Gadd(Fingerposable,Faceposable,Bodygroupped glasses)

Bowser Robot(head has bodygroups)

King Boo(Bodygroupped Crown)


Gold ghosts(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose)

Purple Puncher(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose)

Blue Twirler(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose)

Garbage Can Ghost(Facepose,Fingerpose)

Grabbing Ghost(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose)

Bowling Ghost(Facepose)

Bat ghost(Skins)

Mouse Ghost(Skins)

Flying Fish(Skins)

Ceiling Surprise/Purple Bomber(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose)

Bogmire Shadow(Facepose,Bodygroupped Puddle)

Shy Guy Ghost(Skins,Facepose,Fingerpose, Mask as prop has skins) Boo

Skeleton Ghost(Named Mr.Bones for my own amusement, bodygroupped eyes,Fingerpose and two versions)

Spark(With skins and facepose)

Waiter Ghost(faceposable and fingerposable)

Elh(With skins to turn on/off the bright shading)

Ball Ghost(faceposable and with skins)

Portrait Ghosts:




The Floating Whirlindas(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Shivers the Butler(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Melody Pianissima(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Madame Clairvoya(Faceposable,Fingerposable)


Spooky(Faceposable) Bogmire(Faceposable,bodygroupped Puddle,same for it's Beta model)

Biff Atlas(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Miss Petunia(Faceposable,Fingerposable)


Slim Bankshot(Faceposable,Fingerposable,bodygroupped Ring)

Henry & Orville(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Boolossus(Several sizes)


Sue Pea(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Uncle Grimmly(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

The Clockwork Soldiers(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Sir Weston(Faceposable,Fingerposable)

Vincent Van Gore(Faceposable,Fingerposable)


Boo Ball

Chauncey's Teddy Bear,Rattle and Balls(With skins)


Chests(With skins)

Cork Gun(Move cork with Bone tools)

Sue Pea's Clowns(with skins)


Henry & Orville's Toy Car,Toy Plane and Boxes(With Skins)

Neville's Book

Lydia's Hairbush

Jarvis' Jars

Nana's Scarf and knitting Needle

Mr.Lugg's Gelatin(With bodygroupped geletin)

Plate(With skins)

Shivers' Candle

Bronze, Silver and Gold Portraits(with skins of each ghost)

Mario's Portrait(After the battle with king boo only, For now)

King boo's Portrait(With Skins)


Stones(With skins, and reflective if mat_specular is set to 1, same applies for King boo's crown and the Diamonds) Diamonds(With skins and.. above) Element Medals(With skins)


Gold Bar

Bills(With Skins)

Mario's Hat,Shoe,Star,Glove,Letter


Poltergust 3000(Bodygroupped Nozzle)

Poltergust 400(The beta poltergust, but named 400 since that was it's original name,Bodygroupped Nozzle)

Luigi Toy

Bomb(With skins)

Bowser Bomb

Poison shroom

GameBoy Horror

Flash Light(with skins)

Slim bankshot's Cue and Billiard Balls(with skins)

Billiard's room's Table and Unused sofa

Suits of Armor(With seperated mace and pike, props' arm and helmet)

Vincent Van Gore's Easel(With skins)

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