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And here we are with a new FFXIV character. This time is not an OC catgirl (heresy, i know), but Arya Gastaurknan, a NPC from the Red Mage quests in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

The model was done by DocNoff and ported to SFM thanks to Guimian. (Again, this model is not mine at all, i just got asked to upload it here xD, so please throw money at them because they deserve it :3). The nude base was made by TitanFirm, and the undergear comes from this mod


  • Includes 2 skins. The first one shows her arms normally, while the second one makes them invisible in order to avoid clipping with her 2 outfits (check the "caution" section).
  • Includes 2 different outfits (everything is removable).
  • Includes several flexes to change her expression, open the vagina/anus, lift her maid top and "move aside" her panties. Includes several "shrink" flexes to fix clipping issues (again, check the "caution" section).
  • Jaw bone (called "j ago" in the "unknown" group).
  • Finger bones.
  • Toe bones.
  • Eye flexes (again, it's not one of my shitty ports, so you actually have flexes to make her look up/down/left/right instead of having to use bones :D).
  • Tongue flexes and bones (the bones are in the "unknown" group, called "j bone a", "j bone b" and "j bone c").
  • Several bones to manipulate her expression in case that you don't want to use the current flexes or you want to adjust them (in the "unknown" group).
  • Supports Ambient Occlusion.
  • Clothes, Body, and face allow $phongboost and $phongexponent attributes to make them look "wet".
  • Breast jigglebones.
  • Includes a rig called "rig ffxiv arya gastaurknan", so you don't need to create one. Technically it's the exact same rig than "rig biped valve spine3" if you want to use that one instead.


  • Sadly, this time it wasn't possible to have "shrink flexes" for the hand in order to avoid clipping with the gloves, since bending the fingers (showing the glove) still made the shrunk hand clip. "Skin 1" makes the arms invisible and there won't be any clipping with the Red Bliaud and Maid outfit, but in this model is not possible to remove her top and keep the "Red Gloves" on. It is possible to remove her top, hide the arms and show the "Witch Gloves", tho.
  • "Shrink" flexes are used to shrink part of the body mainly to avoid clipping between the skin and the outfits, specially on the legs and shoulders, so make sure to NOT use these flexes if said part of the body is naked, since it will deform the body.
  • The model has her vagina open by default (unlike normal models). If you want to close it, there is a flex called "CloseLabia". Even if it's open by default, it doesn't clip with the outfits, but just keep it in mind.

Hope you like it! ^^/


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