[SFM2] Senua (Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice)

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This is a port of Sticklove's Senua XNALara Model to SFM2.


  • FACS2 facial flex controller
  • Compatible with SFM2's Auto-Attach Rig (instructions below)
  • Renamed bones for body and finger so SFM2 sorts them automatically
  • Configurable outfit
  • Raytraced Bent Normal Map for Face

Installation instructions:

Extract the content of the archive into your Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr_addons\ currentaddon folder

Included files

The entire model is contained in "justaSenuaSFM2".

Flex instructions:

The model uses an "advanced" flex controllers which is closely modeled after FACS2.

I HIGHLY recommend using the sfm_default_animation_groups included on this page to sort all the flexes. If you don't, your "unknown" flex group will be littered with FACS action units (AU) and action descriptors (AD) that most people probably won't want to use. The sfm_default_animation_groups is compatible with all my other SFM2 models. If you have downloaded it from one of my other SFM2 models, then no need to redownload it.

IF you use the sfm_default_animation_groups, the raw AU and AD controls will be under "Manual FACS". These sliders allow you to use any flex ignoring the "rules" implemented in the flex controller.

Rigging Instructions

The Auto-Attach Rig won't work on the base pose of the model. You have to manually rotate the upper and lower leg bones a bit as well as the lower arm bones before applying the rig. Things seem to work fine afterwards.

Body Group Instructions

Her bag, mirror and arm "necrosis" (on right arm) can be toggled on/off using body groups.


In SFM2 there don't seem to be sliders or a view target for the eyes. So you have to move them by rotating the eye bones sorted in the face group. Easiest way is to select both eyes and set rotation to "local" so they move together.


The model's base scale in the game is 2.22m/7'3", which is obviously pretty tall. Not sure if that is the intent or not (she is a Pictish warrior after all) so I left it as it was. If you want to change the scale right click on the model, go to utilities and then add scale control to models. Under the body group adjust the rootTransform_scale to whatever you want. As reference, Alyx's model is around 1.72m.

Everything should work as well as with my other SFM2 ports. Any help/feedback is much appreciated to improve things.


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