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Disclaimer: These models are not my creation. All I'm doing with this project is putting them together in one place for convenience.

This pack contains a variety of models related to the subject of U.S. Presidential history, obtained mostly through the SFM and G-Mod workshops, as well as two I commissioned. Might be updated if I can find more relevant material.

The full pack includes five different U.S. Presidents plus some relevant props and an Oval Office model to work with. Great if you need to do anything with American politics.

Currently Includes:

-George Washington- Civilization V, ported by Mr. Dude

-John F. Kennedy- Call of Duty: Black Ops, Ported by Stefano96

-Richard Nixon- Call of Duty: Black Ops, Ported by Stefano96

-Donald Trump- The Ship, ported by OMGWTFBBQ

-Theodore Roosevelt- Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian Video Game, ported by Lord for Garry's Mod.

-Poseable Abraham Lincoln Statue- Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die!, ported by Nightbane For Garry's Mod

-Donald Trump Cutout- custom add-on by Fitne Por

-Trump Support Flags- custom add-on by a user I probably shouldn't be giving attention to

-Oval Office- Resident Evil 6, ported by Reven

-Presidential Portraits- Garry's Mod add-on by AUUGHHH! with a couple texture mods by me

-MAGA Hat- Garry's Mod add-on by DATA_Corrupted

*Note: Theodore Roosevelt will spawn with wonky arms. You'll need to use the default slider to fix this.

This may be updated if I am able to find other related models. I am open to any possible leads if you know of anything I can look into.

I wouldn't mind an Obama model but unfortunately the only lead I have so far is Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and unfortunately I'm having some difficulty finding anyone who even has access to the game, letalone able to port that particular model.

And yes, I wouldn't mind getting access to Ronald Reagan's model in Black Ops Cold War, but unfortunately he only appears in pre-rendered cutscenes so I don't know for sure if his model is even in the game files, though I would enjoy being proven wrong.

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