Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War 1 & 2 Model Pack

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"In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war."

Models extracted from Relic and SEGA's dawn of war 1 & 2.

this model pack includes:

Imperial Guard Units,weapons and buildings (DOW 1, DOW2 Retribution,DOW2 Chaos Rising, Death Korps of Krieg DLC, Mordian Iron Guard Elite Mod)

Black Legion (DOW2 Chaos Rising, DOW2 Retribution, Sorcerer Last Stand DLC)

T'au (DOW1)

Necron (DOW1)

Steel Legion (DOW1 Mod)

Adepta Sororitas (Witch hunters Mod & DOW1 WIP)

Blood Ravens (DOW1, DOW2 & DOW2 Last Stand DLC)

Dark Angels DLC (DOW2) & (DOW 1 Dark Angels Mod: Battle Company)

Eldar Ulthwe DLC (DOW2)

Evil Sunz (DOW2 & DOW1)

Ultramarines (DOW1)

Word Bearers (DOW1)

Alpha Legion (DOW1)

Moebian 6th (DOW1)

Campaign only units (DOW1 Guardsmen, Inquisitor Toth & Campaign Coloured IG Units)

for now this Model pack is a WIP, as i am looking forward to port the rest of Dawn of war Models, also in time, the models from dawn of war 2 will receive more fixes as the all use specular maps.

future content:

Eldar Alaitoc (DOW 2 Base Game & Last Stand DLC)

Eldar Ulthwe DOW1

Word Bearers DLC (DOW2)

Hive Fleet Leviathan (DOW2)

Freebooterz DLC (DOW2)

Dark Angels (DOW1 Dark Angels Mod: Ravenwing & Deathwing)

Fixes and new Features of this pack:

Death Guard DOW1, Sisters of battle from the order of our martyred lady & 3 death korps of krieg regiments from Unif Mod.

Added Ursarkar E. Creed & Sergeant Kell as leaders for the 8th Cadian


Games Workshop, Sega, Relic, kekoulis (Unification Mod Team) & Ultimate Apocalypse Mod Team.


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Unreal Engine Extracting... Update!
Importing Unreal Maps was never this easy. Also, did you know that some games need a new special version of UE viewer to unpack properly?

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