Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Johnny "Soap" MacTavish

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Features: All LOD0 outfits NVG on/off Bodygroup FACS Flexes. Wrinklemaps. Eyeposing, eyetracking. Fingerposing. Original skeleton and rigging. ValveBiped skeleton. A lot of bodygroups. Procedural bones. PBR materials.

Credits: Infinity Ward for creating these assets and Activision for owning them. Kirloper for extracting the models and textures. Scobalula for creating and updating Parasyte & Greyhound tools. Auditor & Arachnit for their shaders and repurposed textures. Jqueary for porting, fixing the rigging, creating procedural bones, flexes, etc.

Includes: models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_gear_a.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_gear_b.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_party_gear.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_wounded_base.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_wounded_gear_a.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_mexico_wounded_gear_b.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_nightwar.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_nightwar_gear_a.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_nightwar_gear_b.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_nightwar_gear_c.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_shadow_gear_a.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_shadow_gear_b.mdl models\jqueary\codmw2\characters\sp\coalition\sp_hero_soap_shadowbase.mdl

Original gmod addon-


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